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Nik’s BBQ On The Lake was established in 2009 by the original owner Nik. Being a family man, Nik started the business with positive intentions; wanting to see the business grow so he can provide for his family and also give a taste of Greece to the community. A year or so into opening the business, Nik had a friend who he hadn’t seen in a while walk by the restaurant; this friend was Nabil (the current owner). Nik and Nabil were both caught by surprise. As they spent some time catching up, Nabil mentioned that he was looking for a business. This is when Nik offered Nabil to buy Nik’s BBQ. Nik was very passionate about his business but his health wasn’t to good at the time, so he decided it’s best to move on. Nabil began to work with Nik, learning the system of the restaurant. Everything was going well and Nabil had made the decision to begin paperwork. Unfortunately during the process of the paperwork Nik passed away due to his health conditions. Nabil took-over the business shortly after the passing of Nik and till this day, the name of the business and the taste of Greece are still living almost 10 years later. This was a choice Nabil made to keep striving with the spirit of Nik.

Nik’s BBQ On The Lake is a family business which welcomes anyone to enjoy tasty foods and a friendly environment.

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  • 2/131 Mawson Lake’s Boulevard, Mawson Lake’s, Adelaide, South Australia
  • (08) 8359 4433